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Legendary Face Brightening Kit

Legendary Face Brightening Kit

Our kits & systems are made for those serious about skin lightening or skin toning, and those who wish to fight facial hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. Dedication and consistency are required to obtain noticeably lighter, brighter and toned skin. The perfect regimen must be in place for results to be seen. Instead of having to go through trial and error, or not getting the full benefit by using individual items such as a toner, or soap alone, most of our products ideally should be used in sync for maximum benefit. This kit provides ALL of the products at one time, therefore, allowing the user to achieve fast, noticeable results.

As has been previously mentioned our products are powerful tools for skin lightening, skin toning and overall skincare health and is suitable for all skin types. The products can be used for many different skin goals and can be safely incorporated into any skincare regimen by adjusting the usage and the number of applications in a single day or week. It can also be used by those wishing to clear their complexion or those wishing to tone dark spots in certain skin sections. Many customers notice a brighter, glowing face by the third day of use. The combination of our moisturizers, serums and scrubs will enhance the benefits and quicken the time until you achieve your specified goal.

It is recommended that you read up on the specific ingredients for each product in their respective product page. We also suggest that you read up on our single item descriptions to understand the benefits and value of achieving skin goals naturally and in a healthy way. Understanding the mechanisms of the various natural ingredients available to us and their effect on skin can help find you a permanent skin regimen where desired skin goals such as brightness, complexion and skin tone can be consistently maintained. We also highly recommend our customers to research on their own. This so they can better understand the healthy, natural options available to them and they will discover that we use the best ingredients out there.

The Legendary Face Brightening Kit includes:

‣ Two bars of our Kojic Acid & Papaya Brightening Soap
‣ Skin Penetrating Brightening Serum ‣ Vitamin C Skin Restorative Complex Serum
‣ Illuminating Moisturizer
‣ An exfoliation glove

You may read the instructions and the recommended regimen in the picture slideshow on this page. And you can read up on the specific ingredients for each product in their respective product page.
74.99 USD